Create A Welcoming Entry

The area just inside your front door – otherwise known as the foyer – sets the tone for the rest of your house.

Ideas to make it warm, inviting and welcoming to all who enter include:

TEMPORARY STORAGE SPACE – Give your guests (and your own family members) the space and place they need to temporarily set their pot luck dishes, luggage, shoes, coats, hats, handbags, groceries, packages, baby supplies, and more. Popular options include a bench, a table, or if you have room, both.

AN AREA RUG – Even if your foyer is carpeted, consider adding an area rug to liven the look and help control dirty shoe prints. 

ARTWORK – Think of your foyer as a tiny art gallery. But try to limit the objects on display to just two or three. 

A COHESIVE LOOK AND FEEL – Before adding anything new to your foyer, make sure if complements everything else that shares the space. 

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