Gardening season is just weeks away. Start preparing by de-cluttering your tools and supplies:

ASSESS CHEMICALS AND FERTILIZERS. If anything is expired, spoiled from exposure to the elements, or never to be used again anytime soon, make plans to properly dispose of it (that typically means taking the item to a hazardous materials drop-off location).

SAY GOODBYE TO TOOLS with broken handles, chipped blades, missing teeth and other permanent problems. If the tool is unique or antique, try selling it. 

CLEAR OUT PLANT CONTAINERS that are broken, chipped or not meant for display. Many nurseries will gladly take back and reuse plastic retail pots. 

SELL ANY GARDEN ACCESSORIES YOU ARE NO LONGER USING such as garden art, outdoor furniture, bird baths, and more. 

Posted on April 17, 2017 at 2:40 pm
Barbara Maltman | Category: Uncategorized

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