Save Money While You Vacation


To avoid wasting money at home while you are on vacation follow these tips:


  • See if it is possible to put a vacation hold on your garbage and recycling services so you aren’t paying for empty containers to be emptied. 
  • Turn off the thermostat (or turn it down to 60 degrees if you are concerned about water pipes freezing).
  • If the heat/air-conditioning is going to be turned down, but not off, close the window coverings to conserve energy. 
  • Flip the circuit breaker for the water heater to the off position.
  • Plug your computing and entertainment devices into power strips, then turn off the strips to stop the electronics from consuming “phantom” energy. 
  • Instead of leaving interior lights turned on full-time to scare away would-be burglars, plug a few low-wattage lamps into automated timers. 


Posted on May 17, 2017 at 10:01 pm
Barbara Maltman | Category: Uncategorized

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