Fun Ideas for the Yard

If your yard is not living up to its full potential as a place for family and friends to relax, enjoy the weather, and gather for fun, then it’s time to get out there and make some improvements before winter sends everyone scurrying indoors again.














Because the yards around most homes account for such a large part of the property, any updates to outdoor spaces can make a dramatic difference for the better  – for your own enjoyment, as well as the future resale value. Here are seven yard improvements to consider:

A garden fountain can make your whole yard seem more sophisticated. The moving water is a great attraction for birds, plus, the sound effects are perfect for masking the noise from surrounding streets, commercial districts, and noisy neighbors.

These water-less landscape features use carefully arranged stones to create the feel of flowing water in a nearly maintenance-free setting.

With the right lights staged throughout your yard, you can bring your whole garden into view, make outdoor paths, and walkways safer, and highlight the best architectural aspects of your home’s exterior. 

Family and guests love to gather in the kitchen (and cooks enjoy the company), so why not create an outdoor kitchen in your backyard? High-end versions often feature running water and natural gas. But less-expensive layouts can be created using bottled water and propane gas tanks. 

While everyone loves the sun, your family and friends may not want to sit directly in it for hours at a time. Freestanding yard awnings (also called sun shade sails) offer an inexpensive way to create some respite. Made of colorful, fade-resistant outdoor fabric, they can be relatively easily stretched overhead and across areas of your yard using cables, turnbuckles, and other inexpensive mounting hardware. 

Connect a projector to your existing laptop, erect a temporary screen, and before you know it, you can be watching mainstream movies in your backyard. 


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