Saving Water In The Garden

During the dog days of summer, your lawn, plants, and trees hunger for water. These three water-savers will help you quench that thirst without wasting this precious resource:

DRIP IRRIGATION – This is like a modern-day, miniaturized, more precise version of the old soaker hose that’s perfect for potted plants, vegetable gardens, and shrubs.

TIMER – The most inefficient time to water is during the heat of the day. Instead, consider installing a timer on your watering system (whatever kind it is) that can be programmed to hydrate your plants during the cool of the evening or morning.

RAIN BARRELS – Connect a rain barrel to two or three of your rain gutter downspouts, and the rainwater that collects there during the winter can be put to use in the garden during the summer.

Posted on July 28, 2017 at 5:37 pm
Barbara Maltman | Category: Uncategorized

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