As careful as your holiday guests may be, there’s a good chance one of them is going to spill some food or drink on your carpet or upholstered piece of furniture. Keep this article handy, and you will know just how to respond.

ACT QUICKLY – The longer the spill sits, the more likely it will turn into a permanent stain.

USE A CLEAN CLOTH – Paper towels don’t work nearly as well.

BLOT – If you rub, the freshly spilled ingredients may penetrate and/or spread more. But it may be okay to rub a stain that’s already dried.

HAVE STAIN TREATMENTS AT THE READY – The products most often called for in do-it-yourself stain-removal solutions include: white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, non-bleach liquid laundry detergent, OxiClean, baking soda, ammonia and nail polish remover


Posted on October 25, 2017 at 10:16 pm
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