Fast Fixes That Sell Homes

If you’re planning to put your home up for sale, you probably already know that any deferred maintenance issues need to be addressed beforehand, clutter needs to be swept away, and the property needs to look its best inside and out. 

Here are nine industry secrets that will help you shape up your home faster than you ever thought possible:

FOCUS ON THE ENTRY – Your front door, and everything surrounding it, makes a big first impression on potential buyers. Ideas for improvement include: repaint the steps and porch; buy a new door mat; update the address numbers; put out potted flowers; replace the mail box and/or porch light; or replace your whole front door with something more modern, attractive and/or secure. 

SAY HELLO TO THE SUN – Buyers, especially young buyers, want to see interior spaces that are filled with natural light. Trim any trees or shrubs that may be blocking windows. Wash the windows inside and out. Replace the window coverings, if necessary.

CONSIDER A HANGING FIXTURE – Changing a plain, ceiling-mounted light fixture for a hanging model with character can transform a blah room in no time. Before making the switch, ensure that the ceiling wiring is designed to support the weight of a hanging fixture.

REMOVE SCUFFS AND COFFEE RINGS – The “magic cleaning sponges” that are made by several manufacturers let you wipe away stubborn marks from hard surfaces like countertops, floors, walls, grout, appliances and more, all without harsh chemicals. They are abrasive though, so avoid using them on fine furniture or surfaces where the lighting spotlights your scrub marks.

INSTALL NEW HARDWARE – To update the look of built-in cabinets without repainting, install new hinges, handles and pulls. 

KEEP INSECTS AT BAY – If ants and other insects typically get active around your home once the warm spring weather arrives, be proactive by hiring a professional pest control contractor now. 

RESTORE OLD HARDWARE – To remove layers of old paint from door hinges and other metal hardware, uninstall it, place it in a crock pot (one no longer used for food) with a teaspoon of dish soap, and set it on low heat overnight. The next morning, you’ll be able to easily scrape off all the old paint. 

SWAP SOMETHING OLD FOR SOMETHING NEW – Installing a modern, digital thermostat is an easy way to give your old heating system a new-and-improved look. Swapping an old toilet seat for one that’s shiny and new can make the whole bathroom look better. 


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