Wallpaper has been attracting lots of attention from the design community lately. Five styles currently trending include:


1. Romance – Perfect for the bedroom, this genre features soft beige and cream colors, light blue and green, plus blushing bursts of red. Textured wallpapers are also gaining popularity.

2. Modern Art – Boasting abstract designs, futuristic scenes, mind-bending visions and playful imagery, this bold and confident line of wallpaper can single-handedly turn any room into the talk of the town.

3. Urban Culture – Sophisticated yet playful, comforting and creative, this collection of wallpapers delivers a decidedly hip look and feel that is especially at home among modern furnishings.

4.  Luxury – Rich colors, sophisticated designs, high-quality materials (including leather, velvet, and textiles), combine to create walls like you would otherwise expect in a high-rise penthouse.

5. Digital – Created with oversized digital printers, this genre of wallpaper showcases large-format, high-resolution photographic images and highly stylized illustrations and graphics.

Posted on November 27, 2018 at 11:55 pm
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