Eat Local

Eat Seaside

Long known for its street food (think elephant ears, ice cream and salt water taffy), Seaside has flourished with an eclectic dining scene in recent years. Seafood is commonplace (more than 19 chowders at last count), but Seaside also offers traditional American, popular Italian, a bevy of pubs and a few ethnic options. What are you waiting for, dig in already!


Eat Astoria/Warrenton

While there are countless ways to enjoy our scenery, some of the best views around here include a napkin. As well as a knife, fork, and river side seat. Whether your search is for the perfect bowl of chowder, or a chef who can work magic with something that was swimming earlier in the day, it’s on our menu. And with a lineup of craft brewers in a league of its own, there’s plenty on tap to wash it all down with.


Eat Gearhart


Pacific Way Cafe